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a little bit dim,

        a little bit love


當低著頭走在路上,偶然發現一片有點兒特別的石頭,俯身,拾起來,發現這顆石頭形狀特殊,帶著隱約的光芒,不耀眼逼人,不慌不忙,卻點點滴滴輕輕閃耀,這就是Graffiti Wang(王小美)的作品。





►關於Graffiti Wang王小美

When you walk down on the road with your head low, in a haphazard way you see this unique little piece of rock among the others, you pick it up, and see that it does not outshine outragingly, but does reveal a mild, unusual amibiguous beauty, it is Graffiti Wang’s art. It looks obscure and melancholy at first, factullay it’s the whispering from the inward to the outward, to the tangible and intangible universe.
It requires audience’s patience to relax and walk to where the whisper, voices then you would see the love from the dim. The collection of 
“A Little Bit Dim, A Little Bit Love” has a nihilist-like simple beauty, and outstands in its way blending fragments with fine whimsicality.

►About Graffiti Wang

Graduated from Taipei Municipal University of
Education with a Visual Art major, Graffiti Wang hides herself in the city, with a low-key momentum, she accumulates and also releases creative
energy thru differnt music and art shows.
In recent time she enjoys making work with mixed media on masks and on wood.

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