Cyh Jayson (大腸王)

自小便出國留學的 Cyh Jayson,受到西方文化及本身東方血統的融合,感受[removed]到許多不同人種與國家的民族差異所帶來的衝擊,帶著這些[removed]體驗回到台灣,重新認識這塊土地後,發現饒富人情味、刻[removed]苦耐勞之精神、以及道地的小吃美食特色的台灣,其實缺乏[removed]著自我認定的自信。身為海島並資訊發達的台灣,卻有太多[removed]的崇洋媚外,並對國家認同上存在著扭區和矛盾。

It takes an endoscope to see into the body and make a diagnosis. In the lives we have been accustomed to, what’s really going on beneath the skin? The lack of confidence? The fear to the ugly truth? The issue of conscience? Artist Cyh Jayson comes from a background of culture confusion, after moving back to Taiwan from the US, he notices the ubiquitous worship to foreign countries on Taiwanese people, yet the ambiguity about their own national identity. The show ”Endoscope : Duality” presents a different point of view on humanity and society. 

Since 2015-current, No animals was harmed in the making

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