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      出身於紐約的皇后區的Skewville兄弟,因兒時家境貧困且兄弟姊妹眾多,鞋子需輪流使用直至破損殆盡,穿爛後的帆布鞋無處可去,最後只能在天真與鬱悶的情緒交錯下將拋鞋子至空中,讓俚語稱做dogs的帆布鞋留在電線杆上作為紀念。長大後的Skewville仍延續此精神為其創作主題,1999年起,Skewville開始把自製的木刻帆布鞋丟上電線桿,所到之地都至少要留下一雙,至今Skewville的藝術行動:「When Dogs Fly」已經在全世界留下了上千雙足跡,遍「足」於紐約,柏林,倫敦,邁阿密,北歐等。


      Skewville brothers were born in Queens, New York. Grew up with a big family, the shoes they wore were passed by older brothers and sisters. The worn texture, the fantasy of having their own shoes, combined with free spirit within, "When Dogs Fly" came up when the twins grown adult. "Dogs" is a slang for "Shoes", twin artists started to make woodcut dogs and throw to the sky of different cities they have been to since 1999. As their art creation evolves and moves forward, "When Dogs Fly" is still a classic project that goes continuously. There have been thousands of Skewville Dogs so far, shows the fact that their original art have walked throughout cities such as Berlin, London, Miami, Stockholm, Taipei, all over the world.

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