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    Vahge was born in the quiet suburbs just south of Baltimore, where her neighbors had perfectly kept lawns and watchful eyes.  An isolated child with few friends, she withdrew to her imagination for entertainment and solace. Her early years were spent befriending muppets, making up stories, and slowly constructing a three-storied, twenty-five roomed Barbie house. She began making collages one summer during a bout of restless obsession in the company of a philosophical feline and a consortium of colorful characters. 
Vahge's collages contrast the whimsical and romantic with unsettling aspects of reality.  There is also often a hint of humor in her work.  She incorporates elements of dreams, literature, music, theater, and classic portraiture, and draws heavily from the rich imagery of German Expressionism and Victorian culture. Usually crafted on a small scale, her work is highly detailed, using layers of paper to construct characters and scenes with precise proportion and depth.  She focuses mainly on female characters, placing them center stage and exposing their inner turmoils and unique beauty.  In all her work, whether it be a sociopathic conjoined twin, a tragic clown, an embellished lady-in-waiting, or a chaste mistress, Vahge celebrates oddity with elegance."

Selected Exhibitions
(limited listed Exhibitions since 2009)

2009 "Recession Proof" - Group show at Hi Christina Gallery/Brooklyn, NY , 2009
2010 "Cutlass" - Group show at Parlor Gallery/Asbury Park, NJ, 2010
        "Pin Up" - Group show at Kings County/Brooklyn, NY, 2010
        "New Order Part One" - Solo show at 99% Gallery/Brooklyn, NY, 2010
        "Brooklyn Saves" - Group show at Eastern District Gallery/Brooklyn, NY, 2010
        "Brooklyn Stand Up" - Solo show at 99% Gallery/Brooklyn, NY, 2010
2011 "Multiversal Miami" - Featured Artist at Art Basel Miami/Miami, FL, 2011
        "Bite-Sized Monsters" - Group show at Modern Eden Gallery/San Francisco, CA , 2011
        "I Hope You Like Art" - Group show at Kings County/Brooklyn, NY, 2011
        "Break A Leg: Charity Art Auction" - Group show at Distinction Gallery/Escondido, CA, 2011
        "The New Surrealism: A Collection of Strange"
         - Group show at Modern Eden Gallery/San  Francisco, CA, 2011
        "Stay Gold" - Group show at The Active Space/Brooklyn, NY, 2011
        "40 Oz. Show" - Group show at MF Gallery/New York, NY, 2011
2012 "Myth" - Group show at Modern Eden Gallery/San Francisco, CA, 2012
        "Streetudbe" - Group show at Yo Gallery/Taiwan, 2012
        "Selling Sex" - Group show at SHOWstudio Gallery/London, UK, 2012
        "Fountain Art Fair" - Armory Week group show with Mighty Tanaka Gallery/New York, NY ,2012
        "V" - Group show at POP Gallery/Santa Fe, NM, 2012
        "Print This", 2012 Group show at MF Gallery Genova/Genova, IT, 2012

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