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Graffiti Wang 王小美


      Graduated from Taipei Municipal University of Education with a Visual Art major, Graffiti Wang hides herself in the city, with a low-key momentum, she accumulates and also releases creative energy thru differnt music and art shows. As an artist, Graffiti Wang advocates "Art Omit from Explanation." "Create has been intunitive for an artist, the artist has finished his job as well as his duty when finished a piece of work. The explanation, the feeling for the art are for the audience to taste." She believes that audience as receivers, could have any comments and feelings to her art, which provides a room for conversation among makers and seers. Therefore she does not define the idea behind her art. There isn't message necessarily needed to be traversed clearly, let alone correctly. From that aspect, Graffiti Wang's art gives the flexibility and the ease for taste to the general audience, which makes the art even more intriguing.

​Selected Exhibitions

2002    南海藝廊 創意市集 邀請展
2003   「所在」cafe' 聯展
2004   『身體‧微形宇宙』畢業個展 (台北市立教育大學)
2012.06 Revolver個展 "How we lose our youth"
2012.11  Revolver個展 "SYZYGY"
2012    【 一點兒暗,一點兒愛】Yo Gallery 台北 台灣
2013    觸碰】Yo Gallery 台北 台灣

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