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NOE是行動派的神秘國際塗鴉客,他穿梭世界各地,以攝影和貼紙的方式,捕捉街頭大小事。 街頭,對塗鴉客來說,是家、是遊樂場、是天與地的交匯,是最能感受與探索人生的地方。NOE以攝影發聲,霓虹的招牌標示、遊民、晚歸的上班族、昏暗的小店等都是耐人尋味的元素。他也以貼紙來記錄,渺小如自己在此地留下的足跡與記憶。展出的每張照片都是一個故事,這些故事表現的生命力與張力歷歷在目,也提醒人人每日匆匆經過街頭,執著於手中的螢幕,卻忽略的另一些人的具體存在與生活。“They Live”一展希望人們看見自己以外的世界。除了自己,每天腳下踏下的每一個步伐,都與另一個人與另一顆心錯過,這都值得花點心思被看見。

NOE, as a well-known mysterious international street artist, presents you “They Live” art show. The exhibiton displays the core spirit of street lives through stickers, graffiti and photography. To artists who create on the street, street is like home, like a playground and a concourse of sky and land. It is the space to feel life and to explore life. NOE speaks through photography, he takes pictures of neon lights, the homeless, off-work salarymen, dim-lit shops and so forth. With stickers, NOE leaves traces of his tiny self related to the environment and the society. Every picture in this show says a story. “They Live” hopes to remind people picking up their lost mind about how enchanting every passer-by’s story could be.

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