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Photo Courtesy of Skewville, NY street artist

Yo What's up



Yo Gallery is a unique art space located in Taipei, Taiwan. We feature contemporary art and art with Street Art spirit. We believe art shall be available by all folks to appreciate the rare seen social and cultural art spectrums. We participate contemporary art scene and we make connections with worldwide street art to give audience varieties and unique international art bites. 

畫廊業務 What Wo Do
- 展示臺灣當地以及世界各地街頭藝術、新銳藝術風格作品
- 畫作買賣販售
- 藝術家文創商品販售
- 空間策展與佈置規劃
- 與藝術家合作策展
- 街頭藝術及相關活動推廣

- Display street style art work
- Deal in art
- Design and plan both art and commercial spaces
- Curate art shows
- Promote street art events


​悠然文化資訊有限公司     -統編:12621519-

營業時間/Tue - Sun 1pm-8:30pm  Available by Appointment

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