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  在藝術家COLASA 的世界觀裡,「世界」是如此地具體,卻又充滿模糊地帶。
    “ Most things in the world are not straight black or straight white, hence the gray area comes.” -COLASA
In artist COLASA's point of view, world is a concrete tangible place with a lot of gray areas. From the social structure in this world, the social values defined and given by this world, the homogeneity and the heterogeneity in different industries, to the "outsiders" and "insiders" agreed silently in art arena, the de facto conventions exist everywhere.
To break these stereotypical rules and conventions, the artist outlines the idea of a gray area that is novel, neutral and carries a sophisticated ambiguity. In this gray area, people are free to rethink and re-feel.
The artwork of show “In that raining GRAY” includes coldness and passion, wildness and sophistication. By skillfully smearing and daubing the pretty and complete objects on canvases and wood boards, artists presents a sense of being transient, yet there's a undertone lingers, which sets a gray area where imagination and thoughts flow, COLASA uses the metaphor of "rain" to symbolize his idea: "It's like we all need a pouring rain to clean up our minds and views. Afterwards, the rain goes, but new thoughts stay."
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